About Us

Russell Smith, an expert with a degree in entomology who has spent more than a decade determining the best methods possible to use for the control and elimination of termites, established United Termite & Pest Control Inc.

He and his staff make their expertise available to you to help you rid your home or commercial operation of damaging termites or to treat your structure to eliminate the dangers of infestation. Termites are the “silent destroyer.” They can live in your yard or home and do damage and thrive with no external sign that they are there. They can chew their way quietly through building foundations and into shelves, furniture, and any other source of wood fiber, including books.

When you call in the experts at United Termite & Pest Control Inc, their experts in termite inspection will look for signs of termite damage and inspect the building’s configuration and construction to determine the best course of action. Then they can use pesticides to create a zone of safety around your property and through its foundation; or they can use a more environmentally friendly method using termite bait that will eliminate the need for chemicals.

Once your termites get a taste of the eviction process you choose, United Works Termite & Pest Control Inc will provide comprehensive inspections to find any new activity before it can create costly damage. For thorough termite inspection and control services that Birmingham has come to depend on, call in the experts at United Termite & Pest Control Inc.